We have a wide products range: culture stone, concrete wall stone, mushroom stone, roofing tiles, flooring tiles, meshed slate pattern, slate mosaic, glass mosaic, cobble stone, pebble mosaic pattern, and other natural stone products like sandstone, travertine, limestone, quartzite, etc. All our products are completely natural stone products and no artificial or man-made stone.

  • natural wall stone, culture stone, slate stacked stone, quartzite cultural stone, natural ledge stone, cladding wall stone 
    culture stone are made of slate, quartzite, sandstone, limestone, travertine, marble and granite, almost all kinds of natural stone. They transform the dull walls into an amazing feature with their exquisite colors variations and irregular textures.
  • natural stone roof, slate roofing tile, slate roof, roofing tiles, hand split edge roofing tile, riven edge slate roofing, machine cut roofing tile  
    slate roof is considered as one perfect roofing solution, many historical buildings in Europe are applied with slate roofing tiles, which are still in good condition after hundred of years of heavy rain, strong wind, as slate tile is durable and the color can remain unchanged for long long time.
  • mosaics, mosaic, mosaic pattern, natural slate mosaic, mosaic tile, mosaic tiles 
    slate mosaic is a good application of slate material, it is perfect to be used as both interior and exterior decorations, like the kitchn, backsplash, bathroom, walls and collumns. Their unique color and texture will add your house or project an outstanding style.
  • slate flooring, slate tile flooring, slate floor tiles, flooring tiles, slate tiles, natural stone tile 
    slate flooring tiles are widely used in scales of flooring project, the materials are suitable for exterior and interior floor paving application. The most popular colors are yellow slate tile, black slate tile, and China Multi Color slate tile.We supply slate flooring tiles in 12x12(30x30cm), 16x16(40x40cm), 24x24(60x60cm) dimensions and many more
  • Pre-assembled cement panels, Pre-assembled concrete panels, concrete wall stone, cement back wall stone, concrete panels, cement panels, concrete precast panels, exterior wall panel  
    Concrete wallstone is same material as natural veneer stone, the difference to ordinary culture stone is it have a thick cement back, this make it the best choice for exterior wall cladding especially in cold areas.
  • mushroom stone, wall stone, exterior stone, cladding wall stone, stone veneer, veneer stones, slate mushroom stone 
    mushroom wall stone is a good choise for outdoor wall cladding, the natural stone material is low in water absorption, good acid and heat resistance, good in antifreeze, as well as easy in installation.
  • China sandstone, natural sandstone, paving stone, cladding stone, sandstone cladding, sandstone tile, red sandstone, yellow sandstone, green sandstone, grey sandstone, pink sandstone, purple sandstone 
    sandstone is one of the strongest natural stone materials available, it can be used in the high-traffic areas because of it's durability of the surface. Thus, sandstone is widely used in many construction projects like paving, wall cladding, sculpture, etc.
  • travertine, travertine tile, travertine floor, travertine tile floor, ivory travertine, yellow travertine, white travertine, coffee travertine, brown travertine 
    travertineis a sedimentary calciferous nature stone, which have numerous holes, this feature make this stone not get too hot when the environment is high in temperature or very cold when the outer temperature is very low.
  • limestone, beige limestone, blue limestone, grey limestone, yellow limestone, black limestone, limestone tiles, paving limestone, limestone window sils 
    limestone we supply mainly two color limestone, beige limestone and blue limestone, they are mostly applicable for flooring tiles, wall cladding tiles, and carved stone. With limestone paving for your patio, you just need very little care or maintenance they will look fresh and much great.
  • quartzite, quartz, quartzite tile, quartzite ledgestone, quartzite countertops, black quartzite, yellow quartzite, black quartzite, white quartzite 
    quartzite is seldom used for carving stone, it is mainly used for paving and wall tiles. Our quartzite are mainly flamed finish, natural finish, or honed finish.
  • marble mosaic, marble mosaic tile, mosaic pattern, mosaics 
    marble mosaic is composites by various kinds of beautiful marbles or onyx.
  • limestone mosaic, limestone mosaic tile, mosaic pattern, mosaic 
    limestone mosaic is mainly made by beige or yellow color limestone.